Solar Power

Solar Power Panel by LG, Panasonic, SolarWorld, Canadian Solar, QCell, Solaria, Trina, Talesun, and more.

Roof and Ground mount systems by EnPhase, SolarEdge, Fronius, SMA, ABB, and more.  Solar fields and 48 volt battery plants installations.

Electrical Services

We design, permit, and install all electrical... devices, equipment, lighting, receptacles, appliances, EV Chargers, electrical panels, ground rods, transformers, new electrical service and upgrades. Troubleshooting Electrical Problems.

Generator Installation

Diesel or propane backup or continuous use generator for emergency back up or off grid applications. Kohler, Generac,  Cummins, Onan, GE, Eaton

6 kW - 150 kW

LS Solar Panel

LG Electronics - Life is Good!

LG offers one of the best Solar PV panels on the market today.  With a 25 year product and a 25 year electrical production warranty guarantees the solar panels power production over the 25 year span. Now with integrated micro inverters or purchase just the panel and use our micro inverter options by EnPhase or AP Systems

EnPhase IQ7 Micro Inverter

Simply the most popular micro inverter on the market today.

Our Installers are certified by EnPhase to ensure your system installs simply and easily and produces the most power possible.

EnPhase micros communicate wirelessly so power production data can be monitored by customer on a PC or mobile phone.

EnPhase IQ6

Next Steps...

Contact us for more information and free roof design and system production report.  We can design a system to offset your electrical bill, and / or a battery system to keep you from purchasing high priced peak power.